A different way to donate for Christmas

31st October 2017

Reverse Advent Calendar

Reverse Advent Calendars seem to be catching on for many charities, especially Foodbanks.  The concept is very simple:  you put one non-perishable item of food or item of toiletries into a box for each day of Advent and take it to your local Foodbank on Christmas Eve for them to use for Christmas parcels.  The only snag is, Christmas Eve is too late for the Christmas parcels we give out! (And we are not actually open on Christmas Eve this year).

So if you would like to do a Reverse Advent Calendar for Brecon Foodbank, we suggest that you do it in one of the following ways:

– Instead of doing it in December, do it in November and bring it to us at the end of the month.

– Do it from Mid-November and bring us what you collect by 5th December.

– If you want to do it for Advent, just collect the sort of items we put in a ‘normal’ parcel (rather than a Christmas one) and bring us what you collect in the New Year.

Whatever you decide to do, we will be extremely grateful!


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