Lent Appeal

7th March 2019

As well as needing food, we need money to run Brecon Foodbank.  For example, we need to pay rent on the rooms we use at the St John’s Centre, we pay for the support we receive from the Trussell Trust (without which it would be much more difficult and costly to operate) there are basic administration costs like paper and printing, insurance, etc., and occasionally we need to buy food if we are not receiving enough of something in donations.

We would be very grateful if you would help us with our running costs at Brecon Foodbank by taking part in our Lent appeal.  It is very simple: over the 40 days of Lent, put aside 40p a day.  At the end of Lent you will have £16 put aside!  You can then bring us the cash, send a cheque (made payable to Brecon Foodbank) or pay using the ‘donate’ button on our ‘donate’ page.

Thank you so much!

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