Coronavirus Update

13th March 2020

We’re still supporting people with emergency food at Brecon Foodbank, while maintaining sensible precautions.  It’s hard for us to say how things will unfold in the coming weeks, but we will continue to provide help wherever possible and if anything changes, we’ll publish the information as soon as we can, especially on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.  In the meantime, please continue donating vital food supplies – we have already seen an increase in clients, and with supermarkets rationing ‘essential’ items, we are running low on such items; if you do not need your ‘ration’ of such items for yourself, please consider donating it to the Foodbank.  See the ‘Donate Food’ page for the items we currently need. Thank you so much!-

(19th March) Please be patient with us at this time.  We are doing our best, and our first priority needs to be to keep our volunteers safe and well – without them, the Foodbank cannot operate!  And we want to keep you safe too.  We are therefore starting an ‘appointment only’ system for collecting food, and will keep contact with you to a minimum.  If you think you may be unwell, please do not come!  Arrange for someone else to come for you (this may be the person from the agency who referred you to us).  Parcels cannot be tailor-made at the moment, so if we give you something that you cannot use, please either pass it on to someone who needs it, or return it to us via one of our collection points so we can give it to another client.

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