23rd March 2020

Brecon Foodbank has managed to remain open and we are grateful to all who have enabled us to keep operating.  We open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1.30 to 3.30pm. For the safety of our volunteers and clients, however, we are continuing to operate an ‘Appointments Only’ system and we will be observing ‘Social Distancing’ as outlined below.  Please do not enter the building unless asked to do so by a volunteer, and then only if you are wearing a mask.  You will normally need to stay outside.
If you need food, the best way is to be referred by email via a referral agency. If you are not working with one already, please see the ‘how to get help’ page on this website for our list of agencies. They will email a voucher to us for  you, then we will phone you when we open, to discuss what you require.  We will give you an appointment to collect your food from the St. John’s Centre.  If you are not able to collect your food, a representative can come instead, such as a friend, family member, or the person/someone from the agency who referred you.  Please come at that time!  When you arrive, knock on the door you have been allocated (A or B) then step back 2metres (6 feet).  A Foodbank volunteer will answer the door as soon as possible, confirm who you are and go to collect your food.  Please stay 2m away from the door until the volunteer has placed your bags of food outside the door, gone in and shut the door.
PLEASE DO NOT COME WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT – YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN FOOD IF YOU JUST TURN UP.  You will have to phone the Foodbank on 01874 611723, option 2, but our phone will be very busy.  It is best if you email us in advance.  Preferably get a referral agency to send us a voucher for you.
If you are donating food, please bring it between 1.30 & 2.30pm as far as possible, to give us time to process it during that session.  (If you have a large amount, it is helpful if you let us know in advance.)  Come to door B and knock, then step back and wait.  We would ask you also to observe the social distancing procedures.  Alternatively leave your donations at one of the collection points such as the Co-op, Morrisons or the Spar; we are collecting from there regularly.
PLEASE DO NOT COME IF YOU, OR SOMEONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD, OR WITH WHOM YOU HAVE RECENTLY BEEN IN CONTACT, IS SHOWING SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19; please send a representative instead. Please do not donate any items from households where someone may have the virus.
Thank you for your co-operation in this; it is for everyone’s safety. We do not want to have to close.

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