Fill a Parking Space for Brecon Foodbank

19th August 2022

On Monday 22nd August 2022, Morrison’s Brecon is hosting a Food Drive event for us; they are hoping shoppers will help them to fill a parking space for Brecon Foodbank.

This will be running from 10am to 4pm so if you can, please come along, collect a shopping list and select one item (or more!) off it to add to your shop, then bring it to the marked parking space where our volunteers will be glad to receive it.  The foodbank volunteers will all be wearing Foodbank ‘vests’ so you can see who we are.  If you have any questions or want a chat about Foodbank, our volunteers will be glad to help.

If you can’t come on Monday but would still like to support us, have a look at our current needs (and things we don’t currently need) on the Give Help section of the website, and add what you choose off there to one of our permanent collection points, such as the one in Morrison’s.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting some of you on Monday!

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