Thank you but no more for now!

3rd December 2019

We have been overwhelmed by people’s desire to help us help others this Christmas; your generosity is amazing and we are truly grateful.  We have now reached the point where we are struggling to process and store all that is being donated, and we think we have as much as we will be able to give out this Christmas.  We would therefore say, unless you have a reverse Advent Calendar to bring us (which should be in by Friday 6th December if it is a Christmas-themed one) or another collection that we know about, please, we would rather you do not donate any more!  It would be much more helpful to us now if you would kindly save your donations until a quieter time in the New Year.  If you wish to give something because it is Christmas, financial donations are still gratefully received, or there are other local worthy charities you can support.  There are also other Foodbanks in Merthyr, Abergavenny, Hereford and Llandrindod as well as further afield.

We also have enough people packing Christmas parcels; again, we have been overwhelmed by people’s eagerness to help us in this way.  If you have emailed us, you should now have received an email allocating your parcel.  If you haven’t, please email us at [email protected]

Once again, thank you for your generosity.  Diolch yn fawr.  And Merry Christmas – Nadolig Llawen!

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