Support us during Lent!

14th February 2024

We know that some people like to make Lent a time to help people via the Foodbank, so here are some ideas, though you are welcome to think of your own!  Anyone can get involved.  Why not get your neighbours or work colleagues to join in?  Or people at church or another group?  Young people, you could get your friends to do it with you, or your class at school, your sports team, brownies, cubs, YFC or another group.

Do-it-yourself Adlent Calendar: Every Saturday during Lent, choose 7 items off our current shopping list (or use the ‘Bank the Food’ app) and for each day in the coming week, get one of the 7 items.  Put them in a bag or box (which you and/or children in the household could decorate) and bring them to the Foodbank after Lent.

‘Lent Piggy Bank’: Choose an amount to give to the Foodbank every day during Lent (eg. 10p, 50p, £1).  Have a ‘Lent Piggy Bank’ eg. A jar, tin or shoebox to put it all in (or a real Piggy Bank if you have one!).  Again, you could decorate it.  At the end of Lent, use the money to go shopping for the Foodbank or buy the items from our page on the ‘Give Today’ website, and they will be delivered directly to us.

Any other ideas? You are welcome to think of your own way to support us!

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