Statistics for 2022

17th January 2023

Brecon Foodbank opened in July 2014.  Since then we have given out 3511 food parcels.  We have fed 8267 people, comprising 5093 adults and 3174 children.  We have been given 104,031.1kg food & toiletries and have given out 100,695.3kg food & toiletries.

In 2021 we gave out 597 food parcels.  We fed 1475 people, comprising 870 adults and 605 children.  We were given 19,569.4kg food & toiletries and gave out 18,867.5kg food & toiletries.  This was a decrease of  119 parcels and  375 people fed compared to 2020, but an increase of  212 parcels and  618 people fed compared to 2019.

In 2022 we gave out 810 food parcels.  We fed 2211 people, comprising 1292 adults and 919 children.  We were given 23,487.85kg food & toiletries and gave out 24,869kg food & toiletries.  This was an increase of 213 parcels and 736 people fed compared to 2021, so we gave out 6,001.5kg more stock.

In December 2022 we gave out 207 food parcels, feeding 562 people comprising 301 adults and 261 children.  (This is 75 more parcels and 152 more people than in December 2021.)  This includes 163 Christmas food ‘extras’ bags feeding 245 adults and 191 children, a total of 436 people.  95 of these were part of our Christmas Gift Bags scheme. The Christmas food ‘extras’ bags that were given out with these and with our normal parcels in the 10 days before Christmas comprised 720.55kg Christmas food, plus vouchers for fruit and vegetables, and a butcher’s voucher.

Thank you to all of you who have donated food, toiletries, etc., packed Christmas parcels, donated money, (especially those who donate regularly through standing orders), or have helped in any other way to make what we do possible!


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