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Harvest Donors 2023

Every year since the Foodbank has opened, local schools, churches and other organisations have supported us by collecting donations for the Foodbank.

For several years now, we have invited those having Harvest Festivals and collections to become ‘Harvest Champions’.  As Harvest Champions, they concentrate on collecting just three items that we include in our parcels. This is usually simpler for them and particularly for us, because it allows us to target the stock and the amounts of each item that we actually need and have room to store, and it also makes it much easier for us to sort what comes.

We then send certificates of appreciation for the donations, letting them know the weight that they collected. Please don’t compare the weights though, as different Harvest Champions collected things that weighed different amounts – packets of instant mash weigh a lot less than jars of pasta sauce! We are tremendously grateful for EVERY donation because they ALL help us to help those in need in our area!





This all gave the grand total of 4516.15kg of food and toiletries!  A marvellous total, thank you so much to all who donated!

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